Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Members' Show Ribbon Winners

Diane Panarelli Miller (our judge for the Fall Members' Show) is shown here with Vera Cross and the Best Of Show painting "Reflections" by Elaine Levin.

Here are the ribbon winners in each category:
1. Jerry Aissis
2. Vera Cross
3. Patricia Lloyd
HM Gretchen Sullivan

1. Diane O'Brien
2. Polo Barrera
3. Ralph Calderwood
HM Ann Gorbett
HM Ellen Little
HM Tony Donovan

1. Karole Nicholson
2. Robin Carroll
3. Betty Brenton
HM Teri Lillis

Mixed Media
1. Dana Schildkraut
2. Nancy Antico
3. Eric Hu

Congratulations to all for a great looking show!