Monday, August 10, 2015

Walpole Libray

There are 2 events of interest scheduled at the Walpole Library. The first is Tuesday evening, Sep. 8, at 7 pm, when there will be a presentation of the art of Henri Matisse by docent Beth Knaus. Matisse was a French painter who died in 1959. He is known for his revolutionary use of color and draftsmanship.
The second event, scheduled for Saturday afternoon, Oct. 3, at 1 pm is a presentation of how to "Enhance Your Creativity in Art" by Marilyn Z. Kahn. Members who have stared at a blank canvas too long may be interested.
These are both free events open to all. The Walpole Library is located at 143 School Street in Walpole, but it is easier if you park in the lot behind the library on Stone Street -- just beyond the Fire Station and Blackburn Hall.