Sunday, April 24, 2016

Jeanne Rosier Smith

The regular monthly meeting of the Foxboro Art Association was held Wednesday evening, April 13, at the Boyden Library in Foxboro. Jeanne R. Smith was our demonstrator who showed how to paint a wave crashing on the rocks in pastel. Our next and last meeting will be May 11 -- until September.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Ribbon Winners

Susan Kelley, the judge we hired to pick her favorites among the two Spring Shows of the Foxboro Art Association has awarded ribbons both in the Small Works Art Show at Patriot Place (in each of the four media exhibited) and in the "Really Big Show" held in the Boyden Library. Congratulations to everyone who participated. We had 66 pieces in the Small Works Show at Patriot Place and 19 in the Really Big Show at the Boyden Library -- an outstanding display of our artistic members. Note that a reception will be held in the Gallery at Patriot Place on April 24, 3-5 pm, and the public is welcome to join us.
First, the four media categories at Patriot Place:
Best In Show: Karole Nicholson for "Pink Envoy"
1st, Kristine Occhino for "Sunrise at Highland Light"
2nd, Vera Cross for "Boy and Frog"
3rd, Bob Finneran for "Burg Landshut - Bernkastel"
Honorable Mention (HM): Lisa Bailey for "Nature's Secret", Karen Gordon for "Just Washed", Kristine Occhino for "Kitchen Bouquet", and Susan Masse for "Irish Batik"
1st, Dianne Quigley for "Tidal Flats "
2nd, Karole Nicholson for "Lean On Me"
3rd, Kathy Hutchinson for "Cactus #2"
HM: George Ransom for "Rope House" and Susan Sheridan for "Low Country"
Oil & Acrylic
1st, Ellen Little for "Winston's Little Bouquet"
2nd, (tied) Laura Zanghetti for "Peekaboo", and
2nd, Ralph Calderwood for "Dancing Bear"
3rd, Susan Sheridan for "Morning Glow"
HM: Lynne Atwood for "Little Artist", Karen Gordon for "Deep in Thought", Ellen Little for "Autumn Glow", Stephanie Miksis for "Abstract Blues", Pat Lloyd for "Boston Commons", Adelle Corrigan for "Marshland, Bristol, RI" and Nancy Bacevich for "This Little Light".
Mixed Media & Photography
1st, Rosemary Basson for "Breakfast Table"
2nd, Polo Barrera for "Dead Heads"
3rd, Jack Gannon for "Sandhill Crane"

And for the "Really Big Show"
Best In Show: Elaine Levin for "Waiting for Baseball Season"
1st, Ken Perlow for "Cement Plant on the Edge of the Desert"
2nd,  (Tied) Adele Corrigan for "Mountains and Loosestrife" and
        Kathy Hutchinson for "Winter Glow"
3rd, (Tied) Jack Gannon for "Venice of Asia" and
        Frank Quinn for "Twilight, Boston Harbor"
HM: Pat Lloyd for "Capturing Foliage (N.H.), Gina Grimaldi for "Bella Tuscany" and
Kristine Occhino for "Bearded Iris".
(Because there were so many "Honorable Mentions", we will order five more.)