Monday, February 7, 2011

41 Members To Donate to Library Art Auction

So far, 41 members of the Foxboro Art Association have said they will donate at least one work of their art for the Boyden (Foxboro) Library Art Auction to be held at the Foxboro Country Club March 26. As of February 14, this is the list of the art donors:

Jerry Assis, Nancy Bacevich, Lisa Bailey, Polo Barrera, BJ Bjork, Ralph Calderwood, Adele Corrigan, Vera Cross, Paula DePierro, Margaret DeVito, Tony Donovan, Dorothy Downing, Bob Finneran, Dick Fotland, Jack Gannon, Carolyn Godin, Ann Gorbett, Karen Gordon, Lois Hebner, Haydi Hurley, Kathy Hutchinson, Leonard Karp, Cindy Kerr, Elaine Levin, Donna MacLure, Toni Marshall, Bernie McNichols, Karole Nicholson, Kris Occhino, Judith Ofcarcik, Paul Padalino, Janet Pineault, Frank Quinn, George Ransom, Katherine Richards, Frank Robertson, Tatiana Roulin, Susan Sheridan, Coleen Vanderventer, Kimberly Weineck, Laura Zanghetti

Their works will be previewed at the Library during the month of March, before being auctioned off March 26 at the Foxboro Country Club. The public is invited to view them for free during the Boyden Library's regular hours.


Kathy Harwood Hutchinson said...

Can't wait! It will be so much fun!!

Kim Morin Weineck said...

I can't wait to see the preview!