Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Members Show at Patriot Place

120 pieces of art, created by 62 members of the Foxboro Art Association, were hung at the Artists' Studio and Gallery at Patriot Place on Friday, Sep 30 -- about twice what was displayed last year at the Boyden Library. These pieces will remain there for the entire month of October, rain or shine, Red Sox or not, until Sunday Oct. 30, when they will be taken down -- unless previously sold. This exposure at Patriot Place is an entirely new experience for our members, and it will be interesting to collect feedback from gallery visitors. It would also be appropriate for our artists who are exhibiting there to volunteer 4 hours of their time to sit at the gallery and collect such feedback. Two such volunteers are pictured above: Haydi Hurley and Joan Sweeney are holding court for the inaugural show Friday evening, Sep. 30.

(Note in the photo the new panels that were installed to accomodate the larger-than-expected show. We can thank Jack Gannon, our Vice President, for procuring and installing these panels just in the nick of time.) Remember that next Saturday Oct. 8, 2-4 pm, we will hold our reception. By then, ribbons will be awarded, and tomatoes will be made available to throw at the judge who couldn't possibly recognize the talent of so many of our talented artists!

Oh well. Art is subjective. And judges are more subjective than most. The important thing is that 62 members participated and made Patriot Place a prettier place to visit. Thanks to them for putting on a great show!

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Donna MacLure said...

Great picture of Joan and Haydi, the gallery looks beautiful filled with the members work, I cannot wait to see it.