Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Show Ribbons

The judge, Eli Cedrone,had a tough job deciding among the 100 works which deserved ribbons. Here is what she finally came up with:

Best Of Show: “Chioggia, Italy” Margaret DeVito

1st “Out of the Rough” Jackie Canna
2nd “Look Who’s Coming to Dinner” Donna MacLure
3rd “Eggstravaganza” Donna MacLure
HM “Memories” Elaine Levin
HM “Newfoundland” Vera Cross
HM “Filtered Light” Lisa Bailey
HM “Rendezvous” Jackie Canna

Oil & Acrylic
1st “Manitou River” Dick Fotland
2nd “Family Beach Day” Ann Gorbett
3rd “Winter Walk” Laura Zanghetti
HM “Twilight” Kim Weineck
HM “Cone Flower” Vania Noverca
HM “Memory Maker” Ellen Little
HM “China, Pumpkin & Berries” Tatiana Roulin
HM “Peeling Potatoes” Dick Fotland

1st “Eastside Engagement” Karole Nicholson
2nd “Seat of Good Tidings” Patricia Lloyd
3rd “Garden’s Gift” Karole Nicholson
HM “Autumn Stroll” Kim Weineck
HM “Waiting to be Seeded” Claire Norris

Mixed Media
1st “Once” Nancy Pacelli
2nd “L’Opera de Paris” Nancy Antico
3rd “Asian Tranquility” Steve Cross
HM “Desolate Farm in Iceland” Dorann Wallrapp

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