Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ribbon Winners

Pictured above with Donna Maclure's watercolor painting "Tangled" is Judge Carole Berren and Show Coordinator Vera Cross. Ms. Berren awarded Donna's painting the "Best in Show" ribbon. Ms. Berren found it very difficult choosing among 111 beautiful pieces of art. Neverteheless, her are her final choices in each of the 4 media categories:
Watercolor: 1st Daydre Hamilton, “Hog Heaven “
                        2nd Leslie Berman, “Rocky Bottom “
                        3rd  Brenda Hutchinson, “Strawberries in Crystal “
HM  Jerry Aissis, “Runners”
                        HM Karen Gordon, “Pears Reflecting “
                        HM Antonia Marshall, “Forgotten Dinghy” 
Oil/Acrylic:   1st Vania Noverca-Viveiros, “Giving Thanks”
                        2nd Laura Zanghetti, “Shoe Shopping”
                        3rd Tony Donovan “Spanish Mission“
                        HM Lisa Bloom, “Radiant Peach”
                        HM Marilyn Healey, “Rainbow Bottles”
                        HM Ann Gorbett, “Summer Tans, 1950” 
Pastel:            1st Kathy Hutchinson, “End of the Day “
                        2nd Kim Weineck, “Summer Sky “
                        3rd  Betty Brenton, “Swan River Sunset “
                        HM Diane Scotti, “Freeman’s Alley” 
Mixed Media: 1st Christine Ravesi-Weinstein, “Ribbon”
                           2nd Jack Gannon “Charleston Charm”
                           3rd Nancy Antico “Wake Up Newport”
                          HM Rebecca Skinner “The Golden Hour “ 

BEST IN SHOW:  Donna MacLure, “Tangled”  (w.c.)

Last weekend, 194 ballots were cast by members of the public for their favorite pieces. As it turned out, the choice was clear and there were no hanging chads. The PEOPLE’S CHOICE was awarded to Laura Zanghetti's “Shoe Shopping”, shown above.
Thanks to all 56 members of the Foxboro Art Association who participated in this wonderful show, and to those members who worked at the gallery during the 2 weekends of the show. And special thanks to Vera Cross, Paula DePierro, Meredith Whalen and Frank Quinn who helped put the show together.

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Ann Gorbett said...

What a talented group and a great show.