Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Demonstrator :: Ann Gorbett

Our January demonstrator was palette knife painter Ann Gorbett

Ann Gorbett with some of her palette knife
paintings before the demonstration began
Ann gave the members an overview of her artistic experience which led her to paint exclusively in palette knife and then started painting. Someone in the audience commented that her painting process seemed similar to icing a cake since she only uses a knife. Ann responded that it was similar and that she had 'painted' a cake before copying a Van Gogh! 

Ann Gorbett at work with her image reflected
in our demonstration mirror above

A few comments of note from the demonstration:
-Ann uses a reddish underpainting, this way she doesn't have to 'cover all the holes'
-Mottled paint in a color mixture can make the painted area more interesting
-try to complete the painting in the fewest strokes
-'noodling' a painting can lose the freshness of saying more with less
-sometimes scraping a painting can result in amazing chance results

If you attended the demonstration, what was your takeaway? Please share in the comments!

Thanks, Ann, for a great demo. 


Ann Gorbett said...

Thank you to everyone who came out for the demo. It was a really fun night and great crowd. I finished the painting last night and will post it on the blog soon.

Anonymous said...

Ann, Googled your name and am pleased to see that you have a strong web presence and seem very happy and successful. Your palette knife paintings are beautiful, but I'm partial to the watercolor of Mount Hood you gave me...could that really be 18-19 years ago?