Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 Spring Show Ribbon Winners!

Foxboro Art Association
2014 Spring Show Ribbons

1st Gretchen Sullivan “Reminiscence”
2nd Leslie Berman “Fisherman’s Warf”
3rd Jerry Aissis “One-Way Canal”
HM Vera Cross “Landlocked”

1st Karole Nicholson “Remembering Italy II”
2nd Kim Weineck “Sky at Sunset”
3rd Kathy Hutchinson “Sachuset Shoreline”
HM Nancy Bacevich “Spring Break”

1st Polo Barrera “Dune Shadows”
2nd Ann Gorbett “Joined at the Hip”
3rd Diane Scotti “Ava and her Fairy Friend”
HM Dick Fotland “Reid Smith Cove”
HM Adele Corrigan “Evening Glow”

1st Rebecca Skinner “Serenity”
2nd Dorann Wallrapp “Winter’s End”
3rd Jack Gannon “Vin Rouge”

 Best in Show:    
Ken Perlow “Lunch Date”

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