Monday, October 5, 2015

Ribbon Winners

The Fall Members Art Show is now at the Boyden Library through the end of October. (Pick-up is Saturday morning 10- noon Oct. 31.) Paul Lovely, pictured below with the Best of Show winner, was our judge. These were his ribbon winners:
Mixed Media & Photography
1st "Nyresa" - Nancy Antico
2nd "Restricted Air Space" - Sarah Keates
3 rd " Gateway to the Storm" - Ralph Bevivino
HM "Gypsy King" - Bernard Shuman
1st "Found Treasure" - Karole Nicholson
2nd "Moose Country" - Susan Pratt Sheridan
3rd "Summer Sky Over Essex Marshland - Robin Carroll
HM "Summer Breeze" - Kathleen Hutchinson
Oil & Acrylic
1st "Beacon Hill Magic" - Ellen Little
2nd "Romeo & Juliet" - Frank Quinn
3rd "Wheels" - Lisa Bailey
HM "Hay Days of Summer" - Adele Corrigan
1st "Travelling Back in Time" - Kristina Occhino
2nd "Island Travel"  - Alyce Crowell
3rd "Naragansett Towers" - Martha Guilette
HM "Siesta Key" - Lynne Atwood
Best Of Show "Reflections II" - Elaine Levin
Congratulations to all the ribbon winners and to all the artists who participated.

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